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涯テノ詩聲 詩人 吉増剛造展

沖縄県立博物館 美術館




吉増 剛造(1939-)


​1939年 東京に生まれる

19​64年 詩集『出発』を刊行

1970年 詩集『黄金詩篇』により高見順賞受賞

1984年 詩集『オシリス、石ノ神』により第2回現代詩花椿賞受賞

1990年 詩集『螺旋歌』により第5回詩歌文学館賞受賞


2003年 紫綬褒章受章


2013年 旭日小綬章受章、文化功労者、福生市民栄誉賞受賞

2015年 日本藝術院会員、三田文学会理事長


2016年  声ノマ 全身詩人 吉増剛造展(東京国立近代美術館)

2017-2018年 涯ハテノ詩聲 詩人 吉増剛造展

   (足利市美術館-沖縄県立博物館 美術館-渋谷区立松濤美術館を巡回中)

2017年 吉増剛造展(SHUMOKU GALLERY/名古屋)

2018年 吉増剛造 (ART OFFICE OZASA/京都)

Gozo Yoshimasu is one of the most prominent figures in Japanese contemporary literature and art. He started writing poetry in the 1960s when he was a Japanese Literature student at Keio University. He has devoted most of his 50-year career to poetry, but has also created artwork in various media ranging from photography to video to spoken performances. He has won several prizes including the Takami Jun Prize, the Rekitei Prize, the Purple Ribbon Medal, and the Mainichi Geijutsu Prize in 2009 for omote-gami, a photography book. He has taught in many universities worldwide including the University of Southern California, the University of Lyon and Waseda University. Presently, he devotes his time to creating gozoCiné (video works) and to the publication of books. He received the Order of the Rising Sun, Gold Rays in 2013, and was named a Person of Cultural Merit by the Japanese Government in the same year.

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