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2017年1月 11 日(水)-1月 15日(日)

Born in Japan in 1929, he devoted himself initially to avant-garde and abstract art.
His work is influenced by Ancient Chinese character, Japanese ZenTemple calligraphy,
and Jackson Pollock. In 1952, he was invited to join the Bokujin-kai (Ink Human Society)
by Shiryu Morita, Sogen Eguchi, and Yuichi Inoue, where he started to exhibit and publish
work from the first issue of its journal. And he presented his work at GENBI-TEN in 1955 with
important members of Gutai,Jiro Yoshihara and Sadamasa Motonaga.
in 1956 he joined NEO-calligraphy exhibition at California, USA. After leaving the Bokujin,
he continued to value the spirit of calligraphy and ink above all else. From the 1960’s to 2000’s
he created a wide range of work, from drawings to collage and stainless art, based on his
calligraphy studies and interchange with other contemporary artists.
In 2015, he has returned to ink art and produces his own works exploring the calligraphy.

Group Exhibition
1952 Joins [BOKUJIN] from inaugural issue
1953 National Caligraphy Exhibition(Tokyo)
1954 Integrated avant garde art exhibition
1955 GENBI exhibition(Osaka)
1956 BOKUJIN exhibition Rookie award(Tokyo)
1956 Neo calligraphy exhibition (San Francisco)
1965 Koyasan 1150 Festival(Wakayama)
1987 Finnair international art exhibition(Tokyo)
2001 Ink art triennial of contemporary art (Toyama)
2003 Shenzhen Biennale of contemporary art (China)

Solo Exhition
2015 [Katadoru] SHUMOKU GALLERY(Nagoya)

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