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Kokoro 1988 52×45cm
mixedmedia on paper
Man and Woman 1980's 41×32cm
oil on panel
NOBUNAGA 1980's 45×38cm
oil on panel



2017 年9月6日(水)-9月30 日(土)


この度SHUMOKU GALLERYでは、岸本清子(1939-1988)の展覧会を開催いたします。






SHUMOKU GALLERY will hold an exhibition of Sayoko Kishimoto (1939-1988).

Sayoko Kishimoto was born in Nagoya City in 1939. After graduating from Aichi Prefectural Asahigaoka High School Art Course, she entered Tama Art University. She participated in the 12th Yomiuri Independent Exhibition in 1960 while she was enrolled and participated in the Neo Dadaism Organizers exhibition from the same year, and as the only female artist among the founding members such as Ushio Shinohara, Genpei Akasegawa, Masunobu Yoshimura. Since then, from the 1960s to the 1970s,she presented her comtenporary works mainly in Tokyo.

In 1979 she moved her place of activity to Nagoya after suffering from breast cancer and surgery.

In Nagoya, she made many works while fighting illness, held a solo exhibition, and actively doing the speech and performance on the street until 1988, at the age of 49 , she closed my life.


While using the technique of Japanese painting as the base of production, her works which influenced of neo dada’s spirit using very unique feeling of color, speed feeling.

She have a strong trace in Japanese postwar art with her work.


In this exhibition, we exhibit about 30 works of various themes such as flowers, insects, monsters, Nobunaga, and mental scenery painted with her bedsheets, mainly produced in Nagoya in the 1980s.

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